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Accession number 1980.421
Title Osteopathy Research and Practice
Object Name Book
Credit line Museum of Osteopathic Medicine
Call# RZ341 .S84
Catalog Number 1980.421.01
Author Still, Andrew Taylor
Old ID number B25 (13) 9
Summary Still, Andrew Taylor, Osteopathy Research and Practice (1st ed.), 1910. Red hardcover book; 20.5 cm (h) x 14.2 cm (w); 543 pp. Osteopathic medical text written by Andrew Taylor Still including topics such as diseases of the head, throat, neck, thoracic, abdominal, diaphragm, and obstetrics. Purple pen notes including asthma written in upper left corner on inside of front cover; Harold I. Magoun stamp in upper right corner of flyleaf page; green pen handwritten notes by Andrew Taylor Still in lower section. Binding loose. Acid burn staining on back cover; additional stamp from Magoun on inside back cover.
Published Date 1910
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Classification Book
Imagefile 073\198042101.JPG
People Magoun, Harold I.
Still, Andrew Taylor
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
Year Range from 1910
Search Terms Still, Andrew Taylor
Abdominal pelvic disorders
Above diaphragm
Action lungs
Addison's disease
Addison's disease etiology
Addison's disease lesions found
Addison's disease treatment
Addison's disease diet
Adjustment general rule
Adjustment governing principles
Adjustment many methods
Adjustment osteopathic
Adjustment preliminaries
Adjustment popping joints
Analysis factor prognosis
Analysis no time
Analysis blood
Analysis useless
Anemia etiology
Anemia treatment
Appendicitis etiology
Appendicitis treatment
Appendicitis illustrative cases
Appendicitis illustrative cases Judge Richards
Appendicitis illustrative cases Dr. Hook
Asthma etiology
Asthma lesions found
Asthma treatment
Asthma treatment frequency
Asthma diet
Babes children care
Babes children care abnormalities penis
Babes children care bed wetting
Babes children care crying babies
Babes children care diarrhea
Babes children care diet
Babes children care dislocated hips
Babes children care dysentery
Babes children care infantile convulsions
Bed wetting
Bilious fever
Bilious fever etiology
Bilious fever lesions found
Bilious fever treatment
Bilious fever treatment frequency
Bilious fever diet
Bladder diseases
Bladder diseases etiology
Bladder diseases treatment
Blood germicide
Blood arterial constructs
Blood changed flesh nerve
Blood changed food live
Blood function
Blood seed
Blood seed abnormal
Blood seed living
Blood seed ripe
Blood seed supply return
Blood seed venous destroys
Boils carbuncles
Boils carbuncles treatment
Brain storehouse
Brain storehouse function
Breasts treatment
Brotherhood life
Care child cord
Cataract etiology
Cataract treatment
Cataract treatment frequency
Chickenpox etiology
Chickenpox lesions found
Chickenpox treatment
Cholera etiology
Cholera treatment
Cholera diet
Cholera morbus
Cholera morbus treatment frequency
Chorea etiology
Chorea treatment
Chorea treatment frequency
Chorea illustrative cases
Chorea illustrative cases young lady
Chorea illustrative cases Paul Bolton
Chyle basis healthy blood
Chyle pure
Chyle source destination
Clavicle adjustments
Constipation etiology
Constipation lesions found
Constipation treatment
Constipation diet
Croup etiology
Croup lesions found
Croup treatment
Croup treatment frequency
Croup diet
Crying babies
Delivery afterbirth
Development fetus
Diabetes etiology
Diabetes lesions found
Diabetes treatment
Diabetes diet
Diarrhea etiology
Diarrhea treatment
Diarrhea treatment frequency
Diarrhea diet
Diet Addison's disease
Diet asthma
Diet bilious fever
Diet cerebrospinal meningitis
Diet children's disease
Diet cholera
Diet constipation
Diet croup
Diet diabetes
Diet diphtheria
Diet dysentery
Diet epilepsy
Diet erysipelas
Diet influenza
Diet kidney diseases
Diet liver diseases
Diet malaria
Diet measles
Diet mumps
Diet neurasthenia
Diet pharynx diseases
Diet puerperium
Diet rheumatism
Diet rickets
Diet scarlet fever
Diet scurvy
Diet smallpox
Diet tonsillitis
Diet tuberculosis
Diet typhoid fever
Diet typhus fever
Digestion definition
Digestion nerve energy
Diphtheria etiology
Diphtheria lesions found
Diphtheria prognosis
Diphtheria treatment
Diphtheria treatment frequency
Diphtheria diet
Diseases throat neck
Diseases throat neck etiology
Dropsy etiology
Dropsy treatment
Drugs baby better without
Drugs opposed to
Drugs worse than disease
Drunkenness etiology
Drunkenness treatment
Drunkenness illustrative case blacksmith
Dysentery etiology
Dysentery lesions found
Dysentery prognosis
Dysentery treatment
Dysentery diet
Dyspepsia etiology
Dyspepsia lesions found
Dyspepsia treatment
Eczema etiology
Eczema treatment
Eczema treatment frequency
Eneuresis treatment
Epilepsy etiology
Epilepsy lesions found
Epilepsy treatment
Epilepsy treatment frequency
Epilepsy diet
Eruptions face
Eruptions face etiology
Eruptions face treatment
Erysipelas lesions found
Erysipelas treatment
Erysipelas treatment frequency
Erysipelas diet
Etiology Addison's disease
Etiology anemia
Etiology appendicitis
Etiology asthma
Etiology bilious fever
Etiology bladder diseases
Etiology cataract
Etiology cerebrospinal meningitis
Etiology chickenpox
Etiology cholera
Etiology chorea
Etiology constipation
Etiology contagious diseases
Etiology croup
Etiology diabetes
Etiology diarrhea
Etiology diphtheria
Etiology diseases throat neck
Etiology dropsy
Etiology drunkenness
Etiology dysentery
Etiology dyspepsia
Etiology eczema
Etiology epilepsy
Etiology eruptions face
Etiology erysipelas
Etiology eye diseases
Etiology gall-stones
Etiology general
Etiology goiter
Etiology goiter exophthalmic
Etiology gout
Etiology headache
Etiology heart diseases
Etiology hemorrhoids
Etiology hernia
Etiology hiccup
Etiology Hodgkin's disease
Etiology hypermobility spine
Etiology hysteria
Etiology influenza
Etiology kidney disease
Etiology larynx diseases
Etiology liver disease
Etiology locomotor ataxia
Etiology lumbago
Etiology lung disease
Etiology malaria
Etiology measles
Etiology menopause disorders
Etiology mental disorders
Etiology morning-sickness
Etiology mumps
Etiology myxedema
Etiology neuralgia
Etiology neurasthenia
Etiology obesity
Etiology pharynx diseases
Etiology pneumonia
Etiology prostate enlarged
Etiology relapse
Etiology rheumatism
Etiology rheumatism chronic
Etiology rickets
Etiology scalp diseases
Etiology scarlet fever
Etiology sciatica
Etiology scurvy
Etiology shaking palsy
Etiology smallpox
Etiology spasms
Etiology stammering stuttering
Etiology sunstroke
Etiology sweat glands diseases
Etiology tetanus
Etiology thyroiditis
Etiology tic douloureux
Etiology tonsillitis
Etiology tonsillitis acute
Etiology tonsillitis chronic
Etiology tonsils deposits
Etiology torticollis
Etiology tuberculosis
Etiology tumors
Etiology typhoid fever
Etiology typhus fever
Etiology uterine diseases
Etiology whooping-cough
Exophthalmic goiter
Exophthalmic goiter etiology
Exophthalmic goiter prognosis
Exophthalmic goiter treatment
Eye diseases
Eye diseases etiology
Eye diseases lesions found
Eye diseases treatment
Eye diseases treatment astigmatism
Eye diseases treatment cataract
Eye diseases treatment granulated lids
Eye diseases treatment lachrymation
Eye diseases treatment pterygium
Eye diseases treatment strabismus
Facial paralysis
Fear effect
Fear illustrative case
Fermentation venous blood
Fermentation vegetable
Final exhortation
Find remove cause effect will disappear
Fly-blister how to use
Function arterial blood
Function brain
Function heart
Function kidney
Function lung
Function nervous system
Function venous blood
Function venous system
Gall-stones etiology
Gall-stones lesions found
Gall-stones treatment
Gall-stones treatment frequency
Gall-stones illustrative cases
Gall-stones illustrative cases Mrs. Springer
Gall-stones illustrative cases Mr. Dufrey
Gall-stones illustrative cases Mrs. Hunt
Germs parasites
God Nature
God Nature architect
God Nature object
God Nature our captain
God Nature great authority
Goiter definition
Goiter etiology
Goiter prognosis
Goiter treatment
Gout etiology
Gout lesions found
Gout treatment
Gruel per rectum
Gruel per rectum constipation
Gruel per rectum constipation diarrhea
Gruel per rectum constipation dropsy
Gruel per rectum constipation dysentery
Gruel per rectum constipation infantile convulsions
Gruel per rectum constipation typhoid fever
Gruel per rectum constipation typhus fever
Gruel per rectum recipe
Headache etiology
Headache treatment
Heart diseases etiology
Heart diseases lesions found
Heart fountain life
Heart function
Heart lecture
Heart responsibility
Hemorrhage post-pattern
Hemorrhage uterine
Hemorrhoids etiology
Hemorrhoids lesions found
Hemorrhoids treatment
Hernia etiology
Hernia treatment
Herpes zoster
Hiccup etiology
Hiccup lesions found
Hiccup treatment
Hip dislocation
Hip dislocation congenital
Hip injuries
Hodgkin's disease
Hodgkin's disease etiology
Hodgkin's disease lesions found
Hodgkin's disease treatment
Hypermobility spine
Hypermobility spine etiology
Hypermobility spine lesions found
Hypermobility spine treatment
Hysteria etiology
Hysteria treatment
Illustrative cases
Illustrative cases appendicitis
Illustrative cases appendicitis Judge Richards
Illustrative cases appendicitis Dr. Hook
Illustrative cases cerebrospinal meningitis
Illustrative cases cerebrospinal meningitis Mr. Studebaker
Illustrative cases cerebrospinal meningitis neighbor's daughter
Illustrative cases cerebrospinal meningitis Mr. Slick
Illustrative cases chorea
Illustrative cases chorea young lady
Illustrative cases Paul Bolton
Illustrative cases drunkenness
Illustrative cases drunkenness blacksmith
Illustrative cases effect fear
Illustrative cases effect fear author's chum
Illustrative cases gall-stones
Illustrative cases gall-stones Mrs. Springer
Illustrative cases gall-stones Mr. Dufrey
Illustrative cases gall-stones Mrs. Hunt
Illustrative cases sciatica
Illustrative cases sciatica author
Illustrative cases shaking palsy
Illustrative cases shaking palsy author
Illustrative cases tapeworm
Illustrative cases tapeworm lady patient
Illustrative cases tapeworm male patient
Influenza etiology
Influenza lesions found
Influenza prognosis
Influenza treatment
Influenza diet
Injuries central
Injuries invisible
Injuries local
Injuries peripheral
Insanity feebleness mind
Kidney diseases
Kidney etiology
Kidney etiology treatment
Kidney diet
Knee-chest position
Knee-chest position Addison's disease
Knee-chest position appendicitis
Knee-chest position bilious fever
Knee-chest position constipation
Knee-chest position diseases sweat glands
Knee-chest position dysentery
Knee-chest position eczema
Knee-chest position hysteria
Knee-chest position menopause
Knee-chest position morning-sickness
Knee-chest position relapse
Labor position
Laceration prevented
Laryngeal diseases
Laryngeal etiology
Laryngeal prognosis
Laryngeal treatment
Lecture heart
Lesion bony defined
Lesion effect
Lesion osteopathic explained
Lesions found
Lesions found Addison's disease
Lesions found asthma
Lesions found bilious fever
Lesions found chickenpox
Lesions found constipation
Lesions found croup
Lesions found diabetes
Lesions found diphtheria
Lesions found dysentery
Lesions found epilepsy
Lesions found erysipelas
Lesions found eye diseases
Lesions found gall-stones
Lesions found gout
Lesions found hemorrhoids
Lesions found hiccup
Lesions found Hodgkin's disease
Lesions found hypermobility spine
Lesions found influenza
Lesions found locomotor ataxia
Lesions found measles
Lesions found mental disorders
Lesions found obesity
Lesions found ovarian disease
Lesions found palpitation heart
Lesions found pharynx disease
Lesions found pneumonia
Lesions found rheumatism
Lesions found scarlet fever
Lesions found shaking palsy
Lesions found smallpox
Lesions found sweat glands diseases
Lesions found tonsils deposits
Lesions found torticollis
Lesions found tuberculosis
Lesions found typhoid fever
Lesions found uterine disease
Life man
Life substance
Life form
Life dual
Life law
Life universal
Liver diseases
Liver etiology
Liver treatment
Liver treatment frequency
Liver diet
Locomotor ataxia
Locomotor ataxia etiology
Locomotor ataxia lesions found
Locomotor ataxia treatment
Lumbago etiology
Lumbago treatment
Lumbago treatment frequency
Lungs lecture to dissecting class
Lungs action theory
Lungs dumping ground tuberculosis
Lungs expectoration
Lungs fountain life
Lungs function
Lungs garden life
Lungs responsibility
Lung diseases
Lung diseases etiology
Lung diseases prognosis
Lung diseases prevented eradicated
Lymph fermentation
Malaria etiology
Malaria treatment
Malaria treatment frequency
Malaria diet
Manipulation atlas axis
Manipulation atlas jaw
Manipulation axilla intercostals
Manipulation bones foot
Manipulation cervical vertebrae
Manipulation clavicle
Manipulation coccyx
Manipulation dorsal lumbar region
Manipulation draining goiter
Manipulation expelling gall-stones
Manipulation female perineum
Manipulation fibula
Manipulation freeing axillary system
Manipulation freeing solar plexus
Manipulation freeing structure behind jaw
Manipulation glands
Manipulation glands Bartholin
Manipulation glands neck
Manipulation hip joint
Manipulation hyoid bone
Manipulation impacted pelvis
Manipulation inferior maxilla
Manipulation inhibiting
Manipulation inhibiting occipital nerves
Manipulation inhibiting over clitoris
Manipulation lateral curvature spine
Manipulation loosening lens
Manipulation lumbar
Manipulation muscles back
Manipulation nasal bones
Manipulation neck
Manipulation post-partem hemorrhage
Manipulation preventing laceration
Manipulation ribs
Manipulation shoulder
Manipulation should not hurt patient
Manipulation stiff neck
Manipulation upper dorsal vertebrae
Manipulation ureters
Manipulation winged scapulae
Manipulations philosophy
Manipulations foundation
Man's body unto city
Measles etiology
Measles lesions found
Measles treatment
Measles diet
Mechanical inspection examination
Meningitis cerebrospinal
Meningitis etiology
Meningitis treatment
Meningitis diet
Meningitis illustrative cases
Meningitis illustrative cases Mr. Studebaker
Meningitis illustrative cases neighbor's daughter
Menopause disorders
Menopause disorders etiology
Menopause disorders lesions found
Menopause disorders treatment
Miscellaneous subjects
Mumps etiology
Mumps treatment
Mumps diet
Myxedema etiology
Myxedema prognosis
Myxedema treatment
Nature living critic
Nature engine
Nature trustworthy
Nature without defect
Nature as architect
Nature's chemistry
Nature's object
Nature's remedies
Nature's serums
Nature's work object
Nerves change blood flesh
Nerves motion
Nerves motion nutrition
Nerves motion sensation
Nerves motion temperature
Nervous system nutrient power
Nervous system nutrient power function
Nervous system nutrient power nutrient
Nervous system nutrient power abdomen function
Nervous system nutrient power shocks
Neuralgia etiology
Neuralgia treatment
Neuralgia rheumatism shoulder
Neurasthenia etiology
Neurasthenia treatment
Neurasthenia treatment frequency
Neurasthenia diet
Obesity etiology
Obesity lesions found
Obesity treatment
Obesity treatment frequency
Object Nature's work
Obstetrician's first duties
Obstetrics care child cord
Obstetrics delivery afterbirth
Obstetrics development fetus
Obstetrics diet puerperium
Obstetrics how prevent lacerations
Obstetrics morning-sickness
Obstetrics obstetrician's first duties
Obstetrics post-partem hemorrhage
Obstetrics preparation
Obstetrics treatment breasts
Organs functionaries
Osteopathy solidity foundation
Osteopathy independent system
Osteopathy science
Osteopathy includes surgery
Osteopathy foundation stone
Pelvis impacted
Pelvis impacted Addison's disease
Pelvis impacted appendicitis
Pelvis impacted constipation
Pelvis impacted diarrhea
Pelvis impacted dysentery
Pelvis impacted hysteria
Pelvis impacted morning-sickness
Pharynx diseases
Pharynx etiology
Pharynx lesions found
Pharynx prognosis
Pharynx diseases
Pharynx treatment
Pharynx diet
Philosophy manipulations
Philosophy manipulations basis
Placenta retained
Platform osteopath
Pleurae lung disease
Pneumonia etiology
Pneumonia lesions found
Pneumonia treatment
Polypi nasal
Prognosis diphtheria
Prognosis dysentery
Prognosis goiter
Prognosis goiter exophthalmic
Prognosis influenza
Prognosis larynx diseases
Prognosis lung trouble
Prognosis myxedema
Prognosis pharynx diseases
Prognosis shaking palsy
Prognosis thyroiditis
Prognosis tic douloureux
Prognosis tonsillitis
Prognosis tonsillitis acute
Prognosis tonsillitis chronic
Prognosis torticollis
Prognosis tuberculosis
Prognosis tumors
Prognosis whooping-cough
Prostate gland enlarged
Rectal feeding
Region head
Relation bones diseases
Remedies Nature's
Rheumatism etiology
Rheumatism lesions found
Rheumatism treatment
Rheumatism diet
Rickets etiology
Rickets treatment
Rickets treatment frequency
Rickets diet
Scalp diseases
Scalp etiology
Scalp etiology treatment
Scalp baldness
Scalp dandruff
Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever etiology
Scarlet fever lesions found
Scarlet fever treatment
Scarlet fever treatment frequency
Scarlet fever diet
Sciatica etiology
Sciatica treatment
Sciatica illustrative case
Sciatica illustrative case author
Scurvy etiology
Scurvy treatment
Scurvy treatment frequency
Scurvy illustrative case
Scurvy illustrative case author
Shock effect local
Shock fatal
Shock producing croup
Shock nervous system
Smallpox etiology
Smallpox lesions found
Smallpox treatment
Smallpox treatment frequency
Smallpox diet
Smallpox prevented harmless germifuge
Snake bite treatment
Solar plexus
Solar plexus affected hip
Solar plexus controls abdominal organs
Solar plexus furnishes germicide
Solar plexus partial paralysis
Some mechanical injuries effects
Spasms etiology
Spasms treatment
Stiff neck treatment
Sunstroke etiology
Sunstroke treatment
Surgery branch osteopathy
Surgery special panacea
Surgery can be avoided
Surgery last resort
Surgery scalp
Surgery osteopathic
Surgery too popular
Sweat glands
Sweat glands diseases
Sweat glands etiology
Sweat glands lesions found
Sweat glands treatment
Sweat glands treatment frequency
Systems successes
Tapeworm treatment
Tapeworm illustrative cases
Tapeworm illustrative cases lady patient
Tapeworm illustrative cases male patient
Temperature spine abdomen
Temperature subnormal favors vegetable ferments
Tetanus etiology
Tetanus treatment
Thyroiditis etiology
Thyroiditis prognosis
Thyroiditis treatment
Tic douloureux
Tic douloureux etiology
Tic douloureux prognosis
Tic douloureux treatment
Tonsillitis acute
Tonsillitis acute etiology
Tonsillitis acute prognosis
Tonsillitis acute treatment
Tonsillitis acute treatment frequency
Tonsillitis acute diet
Tonsillitis chronic
Tonsillitis chronic etiology
Tonsillitis chronic prognosis
Tonsillitis chronic treatment
Tonsillitis chronic treatment frequency
Tonsils deposits
Tonsils etiology
Tonsils lesions found
Tonsils treatment
Torticollis etiology
Torticollis prognosis
Torticollis treatment
Torticollis treatment frequency
Treatment Addison's disease
Treatment anemia
Treatment appendicitis
Treatment asthma
Treatment astigmatism
Treatment bilious fever
Treatment bladder diseases
Treatment boils carbuncles
Treatment breasts
Treatment boils carbuncles
Treatment breasts
Treatment cataract
Treatment chickenpox
Treatment cholera
Treatment cholera morbus
Treatment constipation
Treatment croup
Treatment crying babies
Treatment diabetes
Treatment diarrhea
Treatment diphtheria
Treatment dropsy
Treatment drunkenness
Treatment dystenter
Treatment dyspepsia
Treatment eczema
Treatment eneuresis
Treatment epilepsy
Treatment eruptions face
Treatment erysipelas
Treatment gall-stones
Treatment goiter
Treatment goiter exophthalmic
Treatment gout
Treatment granulated lids
Treatment headache
Treatment hemorrhoids
Treatment hernia
Treatment hiccup
Treatment Hodgkin's disease
Treatment hydrophobia
Treatment hypermobility spine
Treatment hysteria
Treatment influenza
Treatment kidney diseases
Treatment lachrymation
Treatment larynx diseases
Treatment liver diseases
Treatment locomotor ataxia
Treatment lumbago
Treatment malaria
Treatment measles
Treatment meningitis cerebrospinal
Treatment menopause disorders
Treatment mental disorders
Treatment mumps
Treatment myxedema
Treatment neuralgia
Treatment neurasthenia
Treatment obesity
Treatment pharynx diseases
Treatment pneumonia
Treatment prostate enlarged
Treatment pterygium
Treatment relapse
Treatment rheumatism
Treatment rheumatism chronic
Treatment rickets
Treatment scalp diseases
Treatment scarlet fever
Treatment sciatica
Treatment scurvy
Treatment shaking palsy
Treatment smallpox
Treatment snake bite
Treatment spasms infantile
Treatment stammering stuttering
Treatment stiff neck
Treatment sunstroke
Treatment strabismus
Treatment sweat glands disease
Treatment tapeworm
Treatment tetanus
Treatment thyroiditis
Treatment tic douloureux
Treatment thoracic region
Treatment tonsillitus
Treatment tonsillitus acute
Treatment tonsillitus chronic
Treatment tonsils deposits
Treatment torticollis
Treatment tuberculosis
Treatment tumors
Treatment typhoid fever
Treatment typhus fever
Treatment uterine hemorrhage
Treatment whooping-cough
Treatment frequency
Treatment frequency asthma
Treatment frequency bilious
Treatment frequency cataract
Treatment frequency cholera morbus
Treatment frequency chorea
Treatment frequency coccyx hemorrhoids
Treatment frequency croup
Treatment frequency diarrhea
Treatment frequency diphtheria
Treatment frequency eczema
Treatment frequency epilepsy
Treatment frequency erysipelas
Treatment frequency gall-stones
Treatment frequency impacted pelvis hysteria
Treatment frequency liver diseases
Treatment frequency lumbago
Treatment frequency malaria
Treatment frequency neurasthenia
Treatment frequency obesity
Treatment frequency rickets
Treatment frequency scarlet fever
Treatment frequency scurvy
Treatment frequency smallpox
Treatment frequency subluxated clavicle
Treatment frequency sweat glands
Treatment frequency tonsillitis
Treatment frequency tonsillitis acute
Treatment frequency tonsillitis chronic
Treatment frequency torticollis
Treatment frequency typhoid fever
Tubercle cheesy deposit
Tuberculosis pulmonary
Tuberculosis pulmonary etiology
Tuberculosis pulmonary lesions found
Tuberculosis pulmonary prognosis
Tuberculosis pulmonary treatment
Tuberculosis pulmonary diet
Tuberculosis pulmonary vaccination
Tuberculosis pulmonary definition
Tuberculosis pulmonary definition
Tuberculosis pulmonary sanitaria not approved
Tumors abdominal others
Tumor definition
Tumors etiology
Tumors prognosis
Tumors treatment
Typhoid fever
Typhoid fever etiology
Typhoid fever lesions found
Typhoid fever treatment
Typhoid fever treatment frequency
Typhoid fever diet
Typhus fever
Typhus fever etiology
Typhus fever treatment
Typhus fever diet
Uterus control clitoris
Uterus diseases
Uterus diseases etiology
Uterus diseases lesions
Uterus diseases treatment
Uterus hour-glass contraction
Uterus longitudinal contraction
Uterus tumors
Vaccination theory
Vaccination fly-blister
Variation adjustment bones
Varicose veins etiology
Venous system
Venous system function
Venous system obstruction
Whooping-cough etiology
Whooping-cough prognosis
Whooping-cough treatment
Why I am an osteopath
Why I write this book
Winged scapulae
Yellow fever