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Accession number 2007.63
Title Symptoms and Signs of Nervous Diseases
Credit line Museum of Osteopathic Medicine
Catalog Number 2007.63.33
Object Name Pamphlet
Collection Pickhardt Collection
Search Terms Abadie's Sign
Abdominal reflex
Achilles reflex
Addison's Syndrome
Anal reflex
Andre-Leri Cerebellar Parasyndrome
Andre-Thomas Spring-like phenomenon
Ankle clonus
Ankle jerk
Ankle reflex
Aphasic syndromes
Apoplexy syndrome
Aran-Duchenne syndrome
Argyll-Robertson pupil
Associated movements syndromes
Asthenic bulbar paralysis
Ataxia syndromes
Aura apoplexy
Aura epilepsy
Avellis' syndrome
Avellis' Syndrome
Babinksi's phenomena
Babinski's associated movements organic hemplegia
Babinski's automatic pronation sign
Babinski's platysma sign
Barany tests syndrome
Basedow's syndrome
Bechterew's sign
Bell's palsy syndrome
Benedict's syndrome
Biernacki's sign
Bonnier's syndrome
Brain tumor syndrome
Brown-sequard's paralysis syndrome
Brudzinski's cheek sign
Brudzinski's leg sign
Brudzinski's neck sign
Brudzinski's symphysis sign
Bulbar paralyses acute bulbar paralysis
Bulbar paralyses asthenic bulbar paralysis
Bulbar paralyses chronic progressive bulbar paralysis
Bulbar paralyses pseudo-bulbar paralysis
Bulbar paralyses syndromes
Bulbar syndromes
Callosal syndrome
Capsular anesthesia syndrome
Causalgia syndrome stopford
Cerebellar ataxia syndrome
Cerebellar inferior syndrome
Cerebellar para-syndrome Andre-Leri
Cerebellar syndrome
Cerebello-pontine tumor syndrome
Cerebral bulbar compression
Cerebral bulbar concussion
Cerebral bulbar cortex crossed anesthesia
Cerebral bulbar embolism syndrome
Cerebral bulbar motor neurone paralysis syndrome
Cerebral bulbar paralysis
Cerebral bulbar tumor syndrome
Cerebral embolism
Chaddock's toe sign
Chaddock's wrist sign
Charcot's syndrome multiple sclerosis
Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Chiasmal syndrome
Choked disc
Chorea syndrome Sydenham
Chvostek's facial sign tetany
Cilio-spinal reflex
Claude's reflex hyperkinesia sign
Compression brain syndrome
Concussion brain syndrome
Conjunctival reflex
Corneal reflex
Corpus callosum syndrome
Cortical hemi-anesthesia
Cortical sensory symptom dejerine
Cremasteric reflex
Crises nervous disease
Crossed anesthesia
Crossed hemiplegia
Crossed paralyses
Crowe's sign
Cushing's syndrome basophilic adenoma
Cushing's syndrome ponto-cerebellar angle tumors
Deep reflexes
Dejerine's bulbar syndromes
Dejerine's cortical sensory syndrome
Dejerine's radiculitis syndrome
Dissocation anesthesia
Dorsal extension big toe
Dystrophia adiposo-genitalis
Dystrophy muscles
Emergence syndrome apoplectic coma
Epilepsy syndrome
Erb's palsy
Erb-Goldflam syndrome
Extrapyramidal syndrome Jakob
Eye reflexes
Eye reflexes syndromes syphilis
Fan sign Babinski
Fatigue neurosis
Foville's syndrome
Frohlich's Syndrome
Frohlich's syndrome
Froin's syndrome
Gastric crises
Gaussel's phenomenon
Girdle sensations
Gluteal reflex
Goiter crises
Gordon's finger sign
Gordon's leg sign
Gower's syndrome
Gower's syndrome
Graefe's syndrome
Grand Mal syndrome
Grasset phenomenon
Hemiplegia alternans
Hemiplegia capsular
Hemiplegia cortical
Hemiplegia syndromes
Hirschberg's sign
Hoffman's sign tetany
Holmes' rebound phenomenon
Hoover's sign hemiplegia
Horner's syndrmoe
Hughlings-Jackson's syndrome
Hunt's syndrome
Hyper-insulinism syndrome
Hypertension (intracranial) syndrome
Hyperthyroidism syndrome
Hypoglossal hemiplegia alternans
Hypophyseal syndromes
Hypothyroidism syndrome
Hysterical anesthesia
Hysterical crises
Hysterical hemiplegia
Inferior cerebellar syndrome
Intermittent claudication
Intermittent claudication syndrome
Interscapular reflex
Intracranial hypertension syndrome
Jackson's syndrome
Jakob's extrapyramidal syndromes
Jaw jerk
Jaw reflex
Jugular foramen syndrome Vernet
Kashida's thermic sign tetany
Kernig's sign
Klippel-Weil thumb sign
Klumpke's lower arm palsy
Knee jerk
Korsakoff's psychosis
Korsakoff's syndrome
Labyrinthine vertigo
Laseque's sign hysterical anesthesia
Laurence-Biedl syndrome
Lower motor neurone paralysis syndrome
MacEwen's sign
Macro-genito-somia precox
Marie Foix's retraction sign
Maxillary reflex
McCarthy's sign
Mendel-Bechterew's sign
Meniere's syndrome
Meningo-myelitis syndrome
Meningo-myelitis syndrome
Migrane opthalmoplegic
Migrane syndrome
Millard-Gubler syndrome
Motor aphasia
Motor area syndrome
Motor ataxia
Motor neurone
Multiple sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy syndrome
Myasthenia gravis
Myasthenia gravis syndrome
Nageotte's bulbar syndrome
Nasal reflex
Naso-mental reflex
Neri's sign
Neuralgia syndrome
Neurasthenia syndrome
Neurone paralyses syndromes
Oculo-cardiac reflex
Ophthalmoplegic migrane syndrome
Oppenheim's sign
Oppenheim's triad
Organic hemiplegia
Palmar reflex
Paralyses syndromes
Parkinsonian syndrome
Patella reflex
Patellar phenomenon
Patrick's sign
Peripheral incomplete nerve lesion syndrome
Peripheral motor neurone paralysis
Pharyngeal reflex
Pickhardt, Robert J. Sr.
Pineal gland syndrome
Pituitary basophilism
Pituitary syndromes
Plantar reflex
Ponto-cerebellar angle tumor syndrome cushing
Pool's Arm leg sign tetany
Progressive muscular atrophy syndrome
Pseudo-bulbar paralyses
Pupillary reflexes
Quinquand's sign
radiculitis syndrome Dejerine
Raimiste's signs
Romberg's sign
Rossolimo's sign
Scapular reflex
Schaefer's sign
Schlesinger's leg sign tetany
Schmidt's syndrome
Schultze's tongue dimpling sign tetany
Sciatic neuralgia
Soffening cerebelar
Souque's finger sign
Stokes-Adams' Syndrome
Stopford's thermalgia syndrome
Strimpell's pronation sign
Stroke syndrome
Strumpell's tibilialis anticus muscle phenomenon
Sydenham's chorea syndrome
Syndromes and Sins of Nervous Diseases
Syphilitic spinal meningitis
Tabo-paresis syndrome
Tapia's syndrome
Tendon deep reflexes
Tendon reflexes
Tetany sign
Tetany syndrome
Thalamic apoplexy
Thalamic syndrome
Thermalgia syndrome Stopford
Thyrotoxicosis syndrome
Trepidation sign
Trousseau's sign
Tumor brain syndrome
Umbilica reflex
Unverricht's syndrome
Upper motor neurone syndrome paralysis
Uremic syndrome
Uremic syndrome
Uvular reflex
Vaso-vagal syndrome Gower
Vernet's jugular foramen syndrome
Weber's peduncular syndrome
Weber's pedunculo-pontine syndrome
Wernicke's hemiopic pupillary reaction
Wernicke's sensory aphasia
Wernicke's syndrome polioencephalitis superior
Westphal's pupil reaction
Westphal's sign
Date 1940
Scope & Content Syndromes and Signs of Nervous Diseases, [1940]. Paperback book. 21.5 cm (l) x 14 cm (w); 102 pp. Pickhardt and Iota Tau sigma letters written on cover in ink. Notes made inside front cover in black ink, scratch marks made in blue ink; Cover is detached from pages of book. First page has water stains. Cover is dirty pages are dirty and acid burned.
Creator Dios Chemical Company
Classification Pamphlet
Imagefile 060\20076333.JPG
People Pickhardt, Robert J. Sr.
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact